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First amateur radio rig

Simple diagram of component chain. Operator -> Radio -> Jumper -> choke -> 15 foot feedline -> 9:1 unun -> end fed random wire antenna

Last month I began assembling gear to start HF operation. The gear required to start HF operation for the first time can be difficult to discern. I found Dave Casler’s Reference Station helpful.

Using Dave’s reference for HF as a starting point I created my own list and shared it with the Ham Radio Crash Cource Discord chat for comment. Thanks to everyone on HRCC discord who provided useful suggestions on my “Zero to HF Hero” list.

A new Xiegu G90 was delivered today. I will try to get on the air with a random wire antenna. So added an LDG 9:1 unun and a spool of wire.

List of equipment to go from Zero to HF Hero

Photo of the recently delivered Starting Rig items

The items above were ordered through Radio Oddity, DXEngineering and Amazon.

Note that in the picture above you can also see an arborist throw line. I needed some way to get my antenna lifted into a tree on my property.