Radio and Electronics Merit Badges

My son is a Scout in Lexington’s Troop 119. I was lucky enough to assist in teaching Radio and Electronics Merit Badges to the troop.

Radio Merit Badge and Electronics Merit Badge are two separate awards that we decided to offer together.

Radio BSA Merit Badge

Radio Merit Badge introduces Scouts to radio communication and broadcasting. It covers a broad range of topics, from understanding the basic principles of radio waves and learning about different types of radio services, to exploring the functions and uses of radio equipment.

Electronics BSA Merit Badge

Electronics Merit Badge educates them about the fundamentals of electronics, including learning about components such as resistors, capacitors, diodes, and transistors. It emphasizes practical skills, where Scouts might build and test simple electronic circuits, troubleshoot problems, and understand safety procedures related to electronics.

New England Sci-Tech (NEST)

We partnered with New England Sci-Tech (NEST), a STEM Education and Makerspace, in Natick.

At NEST the troop was given a tour of their radio room.

We were walked through and discussed some fundamentals of radio operation and RF propogation.

And the Scouts built an oscillator circuit from a kit.