Camping on Peddocks Island in Boston Harbor

I had the opportunity to camp on Peddocks Island in Boston Harbor with my son’s Scout Troop, Troop 119 Lexington.

Selfie - the author with Peddocks Island, base church in the background

Peddocks Island is part of the Boston Harbor Island Recreational Area and is a registered POTA site, K-2421.

I wasn’t able to activate K-2421. I was the interim Scoutmaster for the trip with 35 Scouts. I decided at the last minute to try and activate through VHF with my Yaesu FT-5DR; I didn’t want to risk my HF equipment in the weather. I don’t operate VHF very often.

My time was spent being available to the 35 Scouts making camp, cooking etc. in some challenging weather. That meant I had the time to attempt an activation but not time to troubleshoot my location, different repeaters etc.

APRS track across Boston Harbor from Charlestown Boat Yard to Peddocks Island and back

I was able to show the Scouts APRS related activities. And most importantly the Scout Troop remained in good spirits the whole weekend and we had a great time camping.

I’ve learned about some gaps in my radio knowledge and have the opportunity to learn and fill them in for next time.